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Who's Jayce LLP 

We help you succeed


We are licensed Canadian CPA firm specialize  in the areas of tax, accounting, financial planning, business advisory and bookkeeping services for a client base in the Ontario, Canada.


Clients success is our priority.


We believe with our expertise, support and Jayce’s innovative accounting system, will allow our clients to focus on what’s important to the success of their business - turning vision to victory.

Partnership service

  • Flexible working hours

  • Office / meeting space

  • Personal branding support

  • website support

  • Networking opportunities

  • Professional workshop / training ( CPD)

  • Accounting software , operation software and system training and support

  • Practice insurance

  • Office phone line

    • Receptionist

    • Phone line extension

    • Voice mail support   

  • Executive office support

    • File processing

    • Assist in CRA audit

    • Bookkeeping

    • Tax planning

    • Tax return

    • Packaging support

    • Client communication ( Verification )

    • CRA inquiries

    • Online cost estimation

    • Admin support

    • Invoicing

    • Account receivable

Profit Sharing

You grow with the firm's success

Every year the firm shares a portion of net profits. Contributions are based on your total compensation including direct compensation and bonuses.

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